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Dr. Amit kumar Chanduka


Dr. Biswanu S Biswal

General Surgery

Dr. Sumit Mohanty

Laparoscopy Surgeon

Dr. Bibekananda Panda


Dr. Smita Sarangi


Dr. Janaki Ballav Pradhan


Dr. Chinmaya Chiranjibi Samal

Plastic Surgery

Dr. Shovan Kumar Rath

Spine and Pain Specialist

Prof. Dr Rajesh Padhi

Diabetology and Internal Medicine

Dr. Amrit Pattojoshi

Neuro Psychiatrist

Dr. Dhiraj Kumar Panda

Medicine and Diabetologyst

Dr. Santosh Kumar Pati

MS ENT (Utkal)

Our Valuable Patients

It is for 4 years that I am coming to Ad Health Services, Bhubaneswar for my annual health check up. The clinic is excellent every way. The very caring and competent doctors put the patients at ease and the nurses are good at their job.

Sudeep Ojha

I would like to thank Ad health Services, its doctors and the patients service team for the wonderful experience we had during my treatment. The nursing staff has given us wonderful care and we had a great experience.

Pramila Swain

I would recommend Ad Health services state-of-the-art facility to anyone seeking quality healthcare, thanks for its clinic fraternity and staff at all departments.

Ramesh Senapati

Thank you Ad Health Services. For the best medical care I have received.

Pradepta Sadangi

I am very impressed at the cohesive manner and bond between the staff of various departments, almost…

Gobinda Sahoo