Home Sample Collection

We provide a unique, convenient and secure method of house sample collection solutions.  This can be in the purview of conserving the individual's precious time on going to the sample collection center.  Our phlebotomists collect the samples in a sterile manner, ensuring security and accuracy using a sterile sample collection kit.  We're only a call away to pick-up the sample.

Instant Reports

A doctor examines a patient's health issues with the help of precise reports. Being one of the dependable and responsible pathological laboratories, we provide instant and reports of various pathological and diagnostic evaluations. Based on these reports, the physicians prescribe the best possible treatment for improving patient's wellbeing and their rapid healing.

Culture And Sensitivity Tests

Here, we also perform various types of culture and sensitivity tests aside all types of pathological tests. After analyzing the culture and sensitivity test reports, the doctors can figure out the best drugs to kill the bacterial infections. For that reason, a consistent and precise report is required and accordingly, the doctor prescribes the medicines.

Doctors In All Department Available

The reputed multispecialty clinic of Ad Health Clinic has a wide panel of expert caregivers in various areas such as Pediatric, Gynecologist, Nephrology, Neurology, Orthopedics and Skin & VD. This strong team of specialist doctors and responsible staff members diligently serves the patients for their overall healthcare therapy.