Nephrology Clinic in Bhubaneswar

Nephrology is the branch of general medicine that deals with the studies and functions of the human kidney and its diseases. Its concern is that the identification and treatment of kidney diseases. Those who suffer from kidney failure or end-stage renal disease (ESRD) will need dialysis treatment, and AD Health Clinic have specialist who works with these patients during their treatments.

At our best nephrology clinic in Bhubaneswar, ensure that you did not face any difficulties in diagnosing and treating diseases of the kidney. Whether you search online or ask friends and relatives, they will refer to us because we have experienced professional best nephrologists in Bhubaneswar. They use very advanced techniques and instruments to provide you better treatment for diseases of the kidney.

AD Health Services have experienced kidney specialists or nephrologists, Dr. Bibekananda Panda (MBBS, M.D. Pediatrics, NDB – Nephrology), who has always been available to treat kidney diseases. He has qualified nephrologists in kidney transplants and dialysis therapy.

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Our dedicated and hardworking doctor's and nursing staff will always be at your service during your visit to our clinic for treatment, thus making us the best clinic in Bhubaneswar.