Pathology in Bhubaneswar

AD Health Clinic has one of the best pathology in Bhubaneswar at our laboratory testing. We review and interpret the results of biopsies and other specimens. As the most committed pathology laboratory in Bhubaneswar, we promise to get your accurate report after testing. Our highly qualified laboratory specialist will give you the detailed information.

A Pathologist features a vital role within the treatment and diagnosis of a patient. Pathology is among the foremost acclaimed fields of medical sciences marking its presence back to the eighth century when the veterans used pathological techniques to cure infections and diseases. Pathology & Lab solve disease-related problems, bring out solutions, and help physicians cure diseases in the best ways possible. Pathology laboratories exist to assist doctors in laboratory testing and to review and interpret the results of biopsies and other specimens. Pathology laboratories could also be found as standalone facilities. Still, these pathology laboratories can also be located within hospitals to assist the medical team in better understand the causes of varied diseases.

Pathology advisors, or pathologists as they’re commonly known, are specialist doctors who, after conducting tests, give their report of an infection or disease from which a patient is affected. Their judgment is backed by inspections of samples of the patient’s blood, urine, faces, or other body materials.

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